WUKINA is SA’s 1st network marketing company that empowers members to start their own Hair business! 

You sell quality Brazilian & Peruvian hair & earn 20% commission without having to buy stock.  

Make as many sales as you can without spending your own money on stock! 

Don’t worry about delivery as we handle all of that by delivering to your customers FOR FREE, so you can focus on making sales!

Why Members Love WUKINA


No, you simply refer your clients to your Wukina website and earn 20% commission on every sale you make. We make sure that your website is always fully stocked. That is the beauty of WUKINA! We understand that stock is expensive! So you can make commission without having to buy stock!

1. COST: You don’t need to buy stock

2. CONVENIENCE: No need to worry about admin, packing orders, arranging couriers etc. We do everything!

3. QUALITY: Quality is gauranteed so no need to stress about suppliers sending poor quality!

4. FAST: Orders will arrive at your clients within 1 – 3 days

5. COMMISSION: Earn commission & grow your own team without having to spend a fortune on stock!

WUKINA hair is the highest quality Brazilian, Peruvian and Malaysian hair.

You will be able to Lace Front Wigs, 4×4 Lace Wigs, Clip in Ponytails, Clip in Hair Extensions and a range of After Care Products.

Please see our Price List here

Yes WUKINA delivers to all parts of South Africa. Delivery takes 1 – 2 days to all major centres and 2 -3 days to outlying areas.

Yes. In order to join WUKINA you need to choose from 4 different Starter Pack options starting at R240.

Most members make more than their initial Starter Pack payment from their 1st sale’s commission.

Commission gets paid monthly on the 1st day of each month into a bank account of your choice.

Most active members make an average of R4500 a month but it is completely up to you. The more you sell & the more people you refer to WUKINA the more commission you make.

Some members earn R20 000 or more. It completely depends on your individual sales and the sales of your team!

Your downline is the people who you have signed up to WUKINA who have registered under your profile. People who you have signed up can also sign up new members under their downline & these people also then form part of your downline.

There are three levels to your downline:

Level 1 (people you signed up directly)

Level 2 (people that your downline Level 1 have signed up)

Level 3 (people who your downline Level 2 have signed up)

Grow your team by teaching people about WUKINA and by having them sign up as being referred to WUKINA by you. You will see that when you register to join you select from a list of active members to choose who referred you.

You can then in turn teach these members how to recruit new members to their own teams.

You earn commission on your own sales as well as on the sales of everyone who you referred to WUKINA directly as well as on the sales of the members who your team members referred to WUKINA.

You Earn 3 different kinds of commission:

1. You earn 20% Commission on all your Individual Sales

2. You earn up to 10% commission on all of your Downline Sales

Downline Level 1 – up to 5% commission

Downline Level 2 – up to 3% commission

Downline Level 3 – up to 2% commission

3. Volume Bonuses for reaching targets

Anyone looking to make additional income or looking to start their own hair business should use Wukina.

1. Individuals who do not already sell hair

– We equip you with everything that you need in order to start your own successful hair business

– No prior experience is required

2. Individuals who already sell hair

– Wukina enables you to sell hair without having to spend money on stock. So if you already sell hair then Wukina is a great option that enables you to sell even more without having to buy additional stock

– Wukina also frees up your time as you do not need to spend time and effort buying stock and worrying about quality.

3. Salons and Businesses

– Salons and existing businesses can free up cash flow by using Wukina to reduce the cost of stock held.

– Use Wukina as a service during out of stock situations and only in times of need.

– Save time by not having to buy stock, manage inventory levels or worry about quality as this is gauranteed.

– Use your employees as an additional sales force by signing them up underneath your business, you still get commission on all their sales

No, we do all of this for you. Your customer simply buys through your website and we deliver to the address she chooses. We also notify your customer via email & SMS about when their order was shipped, when delivery will be made and send them a tracking number to track their order.

Your website will look identical to the www.wukina.com website except that your Logo or profile picture will be displayed at the top of the website and the name that you choose for your business will be displayed at the top. This way your clients will know that they are on your correct website.

Customers can pay by Credit Card, EFT or Cash Deposit. It is completely up to them

That is not a problem. Simply logon to your website and pay on your client’s behalf and choose where you want the hair delivered to. You will still earn commission. You can then arrange to collect the money from your client how and when it suits you.

Yes. All members receive product and system training and have the option of either purchasing marketing material directly from WUKINA or we provide you with print ready material that you can print and use as you wish to advertise your business.

You also get added to our main WUKINA whatsapp group where you are provided with weekly marketing material to post on your social media pages to help you sell.

WUKINA also runs weekly and monthly specials and all the content you need to market these specials will be provided to you each week via whatsapp.

You also get your very own Back Office that is complete with training material, tips and guidance on how to grow your business and where you have an automatic record of all your customers, sales and your downline team members!